Support for Deal Apps from Deals LLC

If you’re an end customer (every day shopper or deal seeker) – You can contact us anytime at with questions. We will get back to you within 1 to 2 business days

If you’re a Merchant or Company – You can contact us at or you can visit our Order Site Contact Us Page for Live Chat and Phone Support

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does the App track me or my location? Answer: No. Please see the Deals LLC Privacy Page – we don’t track you and we don’t spy on you
  2. App stopped working. What can I do? Answer: Reinstall the App. You can find the App at the App Store – our developer name is Deals LLC
  3. When will Apps be available for other platforms? Answer: Android Apps are done and at some point in 2018 we will make them available for download through the blogs and websites
  4. App is slow loading deals. What can I do? Answer: Check your Phone Wireless Connection Speed. We load very little data, mostly text. The App should take just 5-10 seconds to load deals. If you have a very slow connection on your phone or tablet, it might take 20-30 seconds to load all deals. There are no images, just text
  5. Deals for the Stores I use are not available. When will those be added? Please email us at and let us know what stores you would like to see deals for. You can also go to the Request A Deal Page and request a deal for a specific product or company

Most Common Help Issues

  1. Can’t find the App on my Phone. Solution: Search for it by name. Or connect it to your computer and use iTunes to check it’s installed.
  2. Don’t find deals from stores I like. Solution: Email us at with names of the stores you want to see more deals from.
  3. Only a few deals a day. Solution: In the beginning we are focusing on quality and limiting deals to 1/2/3 a day. Over time we’ll add more deals.
  4. Only a few reviews a month. Solution: Again, we are focusing on quality first and posting just a few reviews a week. Over time we’ll add more reviews.
  5. Want Deals from Other Areas. Let us know at which areas you want to find deals in. We’ll let you know if we have an app for that area